Military Bully: Man almost losses his life for saying this to a female soldier in Nigeria.

Reports gathered on facebook claims that the young man in the picture was nearly beaten to death by soldiers of the Nigerian army after he allegedly admired a female soldier.

The poster recalls that the soldiers at the scene took their military turns to beat him up  till he fainted and blood oozed from all over his face.

As though it was not enough, they dragged him on the floor like a dead corpse to an unknown destination.

What was his offence?

Eye witness report discloses that He only admired the female soldier who was on duty  at the check point by greeting and generously calling her: 'Beautiful officer'.

As a result of this, the said officer and her guy comrades pounced on the innocent young man and beat him mercilessly like a criminal.

The army should be ashamed of the rate at which her officers have no regard for the citizens of the nation they were supposed to protect.

Which is why the whole world love and admires the United States Military who treat citizens with honor and dignity of humanity.

See video on (check the breaking news section)


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