Ebonyi mass murder: not carried out by herdsmen. See unbelievably real story of what truly happened.

I have been reading stories on social media concerning the mass murder of innocent civilians by suspected Fulani herds men. Many media houses have carried their own version of the story many of which are false and unconfirmed.

My name is Mr Awesome, a blogger at mrawesomesblog.com and I want to bring you the real story of what transpired in EBONYI as gotten from a community source and trustworthy info. .

The source who we will keep anonymous, while responding to news all of over the media said

"The news is fake, this is the first time I will not accept news about herders. my friend is from the village we were together this evening and this is what truely happened."

"The villagers had been at logger head with the Agala people of Benue State over land disputes. Last week, The people of the EBONYI village killed a young naval officer from Idoma and burnt his Jeep. What happened was that the young naval officer had missed his way and ventured into the territory. When the warring villagers found out that he was from Benue, they beat him up and killed him. But before they killed him, they had told him to make all his last calls.

This warranted his colleagues (Naval officers) to come for revenge in the village and they killed precisely 9 people that morning.

So please Leave the headers out of this."

This is exactly what happened. Any other thing you hear from the media is fake.

Thank you.

Mr Awesome's Blog reporting.


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