Unbelievable! See mysterious books that predicted corona virus many years ago. See how to download and read.

All I can say now is that I'm dumbfounded. I can't even believe my eyes. I came across these books shared on facebook which were written several years ago, which talked about corrona virus, it's origin, it's symptoms, and etc. I had to look over and over again to be sure it wasn't photoshoped and it clearly wasn't.

The books were "Eye of darkness" and "End of Days"

These two books are so mysterious that readers give their testimonies on what they've seen so far.

The book (Eyes of Darkness by Dean Kontz which illustrated event of this Coronavirus and Titan by Morgan that exactly illustrated Titanic events) remains the greatest misery of life to me.

A facebook user wrote"

I can see d difference between the two books. 'Eye of darkness' is an ordinary novel without much to fear about, but the other book called 'end of days', is more accurate. I think that's the book we are astonished about

This world is such a mysterious place and the wonders of prophecy are still having ripple effects. It's so sad that Sylvia Browne didn't live to see this prophecy come to pass.

Sylvia was an American psychic who believed she had access to see the past and the future and hence, wrote some books on them. Her book "End of days" has Just begun to confirm her divine giftings to be real...  This is amazing.

You can download "Eyes of Darkness" here to see the wonders from this predictions yourself.


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