See Boko Haram's payment structure for each operation: These guys are big boys.

Boko Haram boys are paid 10 times higher than the Nigerian army - See how much they said they make.

No wonder they feel bold enough to comfront our gallant troops.

In the heat of the whole boko haram wahala afteri being captured by the troop led by the chadian president, a member of the sect who is in captivity has revealed the huge sum they are paid for every job they carry out that will cost innocent people's life.

This guy in the picture is one the leaders named Maita Alhaji Modu or famously known as "Abu". He was one of the top leaders of the sect.

"Below is how much these dreaded terrorist group get paid for each successful operation according to ABU"

The young man in the picture is one of the top ranking officials of the Boko haram sect who disclosed how much they make for every deadly operation they lunch.

He is popularly recognised as “Abu”. In the course of his stay with the sect, he had been actively involved in many operation that has taken the lives of many. According to him, he had participated in bombing of some locations and was also part of the attackers that in 2014 took away over 200 Chibok girls which the world clamoured to have back.

He bacame a member of the group as far back as 2011 due to his over wanting apetite and greed for money.

After he was captured by the Chadian Forces, he revealed how much they were paid to for each successful operation they lunch.

Below is the payment structure

He said they recieved a whooping ₦30,000 each for every operation

And ₦200,000 just for taking a volunteer suicide bomber to the location he will bomb.

He went further to reveal that boko haram was not fighting for islam and that got us wondering.

What do you think could be the motive behind this operation. reporting


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