"Cubana Chief Priest is also a fraudster"- Man claims

The internet has since been abuzz with different stories and videos following the arrest of the renowned Nigerian fraudster "Hush Puppi".

He was said to have been moved from Dubai to a prison Dr kemi mentioned during her video broadcast on instagram.

In this said broadcast, she tried to scrutinize the issue Daddy freeze is presently facing with some social media users after his interview video with hush puppi was released, creating a linkage between to two men.

While people reacted to kemi olunloyo's revelation which didn't end without involving Linda Ikeji, and how she mocked her alongside with Hush puppi, one instagram user made a striking comment which suggests that Cubana Chief priest is also a scammer and no body is holy here.

See comment below.

This statement might not be far from the truth considering his loud lavish lifestyle which no business man who makes legitimate money does.

Consider the likes of Dangote, Tony Elumelu, Mike Adenuga, etc. One could actually emulate their style of living. 

This statement could however, be a spark of another outrage is there are no actual facts to verify his claims. We just have to keep our fingers crossed, our mouths sealed while we watch things unfold themselves in 2020.

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