Revealed: Real Reason Why Cubana Chief Priest Was Arrested By the Police and What His Fans Are Saying

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It has been all over the news for while now that Nigeria's Celebrity Barman, whose real name is Paschal Okechukwu and most popularly known all over the Country as Cubana Chief Priest, has allegedly been arrested, questioned and further detained by police following the order of the Inspector general of Police.

Many news headlines are already making rounds on some blogs about the situations surrounding his alleged arrest. Many people are already crediting his arrest to some fraudulent activities and criminal acts which are completely false or is yet to be confirmed by the Nigerian Police.

Real Reasom For His Arrest

According to the Inspector General who ordered his trending arrest, The Cubana chief priest of a guy was invited Officially for questioning and probing with respect to his alleged misuse of the Nigerian Police Escorts and also about his loud but unexplainable wealth.

The IG revealed he was detained after all this questionings and that investigations are on going to get more facts.

Stories have it that Cubana chief priest used to be just an ordinary shoemaker, seriously struggling to meet up with life in the city of Aba, Abia state, just before he got help to rise by the CEO and Real owner of Cubana, Popularly known as Obi Cubana.

Mr Chief priest has since transformed into a stinking rich and very influential celebrity with a loudly extravagant and equally lavish lifestyle. His money, His Decisions though.

His intagram shouts seem to be the reason for being invited over by the IG

Nigerians and His fans has however not failed to react as one social media user questioned why they didn't interrogate the source of his poverty when he was poor and living in Aba.

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