Family recreates throwback photo at the same location after 8 years

A beautiful white Twitter user, who goes by the name Aman Rajasansi, has just taken to the micro blogging platform to share with the general public, her family’s beautiful epic recreation of a photo that was first taken eight years ago.

She shared two different pictures of herself, her dad and her brother. According to her, The first photo was taken at the same location about eight years ago when they were still growing up, while the second picture she posted was an exact recreation of the first photo and they were all taken at the exact  same location. Same pose and same position.

In the now going viral photo, Aman, could be seen with her brother and her father as they leaned their weight on a slightly short rod close to them, exactly the way they did when they took the first shot about eight years ago. 

The one and only disparity between both pictures she shared is the clothing which they were putting on at the time of the photo shoot.

See her post below. 


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