Man caught inside a supermarket with ‘stolen’ items around his waist (photos)

With the increasing rate of hunger in the society today, a lot of people has decided to actively source their means of survival through any means possible and obtainable. 

A particular young man who took himself to shop at one supermarket in town has just been apprehended in that act of shop lifting.

He laced his very tiny waist with tins of stolen sardines from the supermarket he had gone to shop in. 

A Nigerian Facebook user who took to his timeline to post the sad story claimed that the said young man was actually hiding under the pretence of shopping just before the supermarket attendant spotted something that seemed to be very unusual about the young man’s waist.

When the attendant confronted him to lift up his shirt for inspection, to their amazement, they discovered upto six stolen tins of sardines that were hanging effortlessly inside his underwear.

See the post below.

PS: Don't be too quick to judge this young man he's not different from many people we celebrate out there. Hunger could be the trigger of this shameful art and we are by no way in any position to judge him.


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